A New Way

A New Way

After almost a week of adventure, new experiences, relaxation, disconnection and happiness I have reflected on many things. First of all I have realized how fortunate I am, not only to be able to travel, to have privileges and caprices but simply to have things as basic as a glass of milk for breakfast or a bed where to sleep. The most surprising thing is that the people here, the people of Turkana, the children of the school, are happy with what they have. This is something which surprises me a lot. On the other hand, I have to add in all honesty, that these small “vacations” have strengthened my desire to share with others and my inner strength too. Being surrounded by people with so much talent and strength, you realize that what you can contribute is much more than what you are normally accustomed to give. Thanks to this community, the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle (MCSPA) and above all thanks to my mother, Belén Madrazo, I have been able to experience these days much more than I expected. In short, I hope to have contributed my bit as the rest of my group. I hope as much as possible that everyone could devote some of their time, effort, and money to these wonderful people because it is very necessary.

Viva Africa, Viva Turkana and Viva MCSPA!

Belén Bolea Madrazo

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