Deworming of Animals in Nyangatom

//Deworming of Animals in Nyangatom

Deworming of Animals in Nyangatom

Better animal health means better health for people. This is the objective of doing deworming campaigns in pastoralist communities such as Turkana and Nyangatom where the Missionary Community of St. Paul the Apostle is working. Last week, we finished a deworming campaign in Kakuta village, Nyangatom, South West Ethiopia, where members of the MCSPA are present since 2014. This has been thanks to the Veterinary Department of the Local Government of Nyangatom and the College of Veterinaries of Asturias, Spain.  Dr. David Iglesias a veterinary from Oviedo, Asturias, has come for the second time to Kakuta in order to carry out deworming of caprine and bovine life-stock. The objective was to deworm more than 4.000 animals. When animals are dewormed they improve their health and therefore their production of meat and milk in about a 30% more. This means that in pastoralist communities such as Nyangatom, where animals are the most important source of livelihood, improvement of animal health means more production for the people and better health.

Fr. Angel Valdivia MCSPA

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