Visiting the Elderly in Benga Parish

///Visiting the Elderly in Benga Parish

Visiting the Elderly in Benga Parish

Recently we visited eldery people in Chipati centre in Benga Parish, Malawi. Apart from giving them the sacrament of anointing, we listened to their day to day life. They said they have to walk long distances to fetch water and firewood. Most of these aged people are staying by themselves, simply because their sons and daughters got married and went to far away places. They were happy to be visited by Fr. Fernando because sometimes they spend two or more days without being visited by their fellow village members.

Access to safe drinking water is a problem among them, since they get water from rivers. We agreed with them that the parish can help them to put a borehole, this should be coordinated through the village heads.

These eldery people try to earn their living through simple agricultural activities such as rearing chickens and goats. They also try growing crops like maize and groundnuts.

From Benga Parish we have a program that supports 87 elderly people with some basic essentials such as food and others.

Jona Lupiya

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