The Face of Christ

//The Face of Christ

The Face of Christ

Miles and miles of dry riverbeds
Sparse and thorny trees abound
You look and look but cannot find
A single soul around.

But then a tyre punctures
We stop to check it out
Suddenly the goat herds come running
Shiny happy faces not even a little pout!

It is the smiles of these special people
I take home with me today
They who have so little
Yet they have so much to say

The old grandma with missing teeth
Whose grip is really strong
The schoolkids in hand-me-downs
Who sing their pitch perfect songs

The dancing congregation
Who jump with such energy
The little babe on her sister’s hip
Who is suddenly thrust at me.

The missionaries of MCSPA
Who give their very lives
To make sure that their charges here
Not just survive but thrive!

These amazing people fill my heart
And move me to the core
They teach me not to grumble
‘Cos life is so much more

They teach me about gratitude
For every blessing big and small
That I should not seek more, but less
To be able to hear His call.

They teach me that though life is hard
And they have nothing much
They find joy in the smallest things,
A smile, a hug, a touch

They teach me He’s not just in my friends
But in strangers everywhere
And in the desert I found His face
His passion, His cross, His care.

I find the missions inspiring
Each with a beauty of their own
Nariokotome, Kokuselei, Todonyang, Lobur
Each day my respect has grown

The fathers and their volunteers
Show it doesn’t matter
They can do a million things
Though they are few in number

Their actions show unconditional love
They make concrete Christ’s words and teaching
Thank you my friends for your great love
You are awesome and inspiring!

By Elayne Ho

Elayne and her husband Stephen visited the MCSPA missions in Turkana, Kenya, in June 2017, together with another couple Michael and Hun Ching; both couples are from Singapore. Their stay in Turkana was short but very intense, as the poem above, written from the heart, demonstrates.

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