Peace has Finally Come to Kibish and Nyangatom

//Peace has Finally Come to Kibish and Nyangatom

Peace has Finally Come to Kibish and Nyangatom

The peace between Turkana and Nyangatom has finally been achieved after almost two years of conflict and tension at the Kibish corridor. This has been possible thanks to the efforts of the two local governments through a series of meetings at different levels. The border crossing at Kibish was opened recently and people of both groups are crossing freely to go and visit their relatives and friends.

Two weeks ago a delegation from Turkana county and representatives of the Kibish sub-county, came to Nyangatom for a three days meeting. During these three days they held meetings with representatives of the Nyangatom local government and the civil society in both Lokorilam and Kakuta.

We attended the meeting at Kakuta, and it was really nice to see Turkana mamas and old men, sitting alongside with Nyangatom women, children and elders.

This could have been something unthinkable a year ago when tension was at its highest, in spite of both communities having so much in common.

Now as christians we see the need to come together and boost these efforts with our prayers, actions and witness, so that peace can be sustained and the hearts of the people involved in the conflict can be transformed by the love of Christ. Please pray for us and so that we, at the incipient Nyangatom mission, may be worthy witnesses of that love to the people of both communities.

Fr. Angel Valdivia

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