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Another Furrow’s Course

‚ÄčOne more course of Furrows in the Desert, the 8th one!!!! On Friday, 23rd June, in Lobur Mission, we celebrated the graduation of 19 turkana trainees that, from January to June, have received agriculture training. They have learned how to prepare land, to make compost, crop rotation, how to use fertilisers and pesticides, theoretical lessons, [...]

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Centre of Hope

Yesterday we inaugurated and blessed the new St. Lorenzo Ruiz Mother and Child Centre at Nakorukoru, an outstation of Nariokotome Mission. The centre has 80 children at pre-school level who receive an education and a proper diet. The centre is close to a borehole that was already drilled by the Missionary Community of St. Paul [...]

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Good Shepherd and Vocations Sunday

Today the church celebrates the 4th Sunday of Easter, also called Good Shepherd Sunday. In the Gospel of John we hear how Jesus, is the gate through which the shepherds go in to take care of the sheep. In the MCSPA we follow the spirituality of Christ the Good Shepherd in a double dimension calling [...]

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Holy Week at MCSPA Missions

"The earth shook with the news He's not here. He is risen! And in that moment, joy replaced despair and life conquered death not just that day, but for eternity." Members of the Missionary Community of St. Paul the Apostle and Mary Mother of the Church celebrate Holy Week with the christian faithful around [...]

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Esther, a Role Model in Small Erus

Small Erus is one of the places where the Missionary Community of St. Paul the Apostle is working. There, we have a Mother and Child Center and a Community garden. Esther is a creative and very hard working woman who started her garden out of her own initiative. She was one of the women helping [...]

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Children’s Protection Workshop at Nariokotome

Yesterday all staff at Nariokotome Mission attended a 1-day workshop on Child Protection. This was made possible by the Diocese of Lodwar's Children's Office.  The facilitator, Ms. Jacinta Lomongin, took the attendees through the document "Policies and Procedures on Safeguarding Children (2011)" of the Kenya Episcopal Conference. The participants were made aware of the need [...]

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Environmental Cleaning in Nariokotome

Today at Nariokotome Mission all the workers have taken a step ahead to keep our environment clean. This activity was organised because recently one of the cows of the mission died after eating plastic bags. Thus all Nariokotome team took this initiative to collect litter today and keep our environment free of plastics. All [...]

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