Another Furrow’s Course

///Another Furrow’s Course

Another Furrow’s Course

​One more course of Furrows in the Desert, the 8th one!!!!

On Friday, 23rd June, in Lobur Mission, we celebrated the graduation of 19 turkana trainees that, from January to June, have received agriculture training. They have learned how to prepare land, to make compost, crop rotation, how to use fertilisers and pesticides, theoretical lessons, cooking lessons, irrigation and harvesting… a full cycle.
Every course we are improving and getting more commitment from our trainees and from all the team who participate of the programme. 

We can say that more than 300 turkanas are farmers until now. We continue working, motivating and promoting agriculture in such a place were the climate, the nomadic culture and remote area makes the living conditions very tough.

From today, the new graduates start a new phase in their own places with a farm of 500 m2 for them to be self-reliant

Congratulations to all of them!!!!!
Maque Falgás 

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