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Children’s Protection Workshop at Nariokotome

Yesterday all staff at Nariokotome Mission attended a 1-day workshop on Child Protection. This was made possible by the Diocese of Lodwar's Children's Office.  The facilitator, Ms. Jacinta Lomongin, took the attendees through the document "Policies and Procedures on Safeguarding Children (2011)" of the Kenya Episcopal Conference. The participants were made aware of the need [...]

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Environmental Cleaning in Nariokotome

Today at Nariokotome Mission all the workers have taken a step ahead to keep our environment clean. This activity was organised because recently one of the cows of the mission died after eating plastic bags. Thus all Nariokotome team took this initiative to collect litter today and keep our environment free of plastics. All [...]

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A New Beginning…

Everything starts with a step, as for us in Nyangatom Mission we are starting a new beginning... to open the road to our future new Mission in naturomoe hill, Nyangatom (South of Ethiopia). As we opened our way through thorns and bushes, breaking rocks and removing boulders, we remembered that our life and mission is [...]

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