Ecumenical Prayer for Peace in Muketuri, Etiopía

//Ecumenical Prayer for Peace in Muketuri, Etiopía

Ecumenical Prayer for Peace in Muketuri, Etiopía

Last Sunday, January 21st, we celebrated an ecumenical prayer for peace in Muketuri.

Muketuri is located in the region of Oromia, where in recent times there has been social unrest which has threatened the security of the population. It is in this context and after 10 years of presence in the area that we have promoted this initiative to pray together for peace, which is so necessary for sustainable development.

The prayer was attended by around 125 people of different religions, religious leaders of the Orthodox Church (majority in the area), the Evangelical Community and the Catholic Church.

We read the biblical text of the beatitudes, with a especial focus on the passage: “Blessed are the peacemakers for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”

We encouraged all the attendants to become peacemakers wherever they are, and as a symbolic gesture, we invited each to put a small stone in a basket, signifiying our commitment towards peace.

In addition to people from Muketuri, there was also a group of 25 people who came walking from Gimbichu, a village 13 km from Muketuri.

After prayers, the former mayor of Muketuri when we arrived 10 years ago, commented that he was very happy because after having worked and suffered together for 10 years, we had finally come together to pray.

After the prayer we shared bread and tea.

Lourdes Larruy, MCSPA

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